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                  SITE MAP
                  中文 / EN
                  • 2018

                    On January 16th, the company successfully held a signing ceremony for the city's industry fund. The signing projects included the City Industrial Investment Parent Fund, Guangdong Guandong Science and Technology Innovation Fund Investment Fund, the Zhenjie (Park) Cooperation Fund, and the Integration Fund for Industry, Academia, Research and Investment, etc. The scale exceeds 15 billion yuan.

                  • 2017

                    On March 9, the company participated in the city's major project construction promotion meeting and the project focused on signing contracts and construction activities. It signed the intent agreement of the Dongguan City Venture Capital Fund Cooperation Framework and the intention agreement of the Guangdong Provincial Major Science and Technology Special Venture Capital Fund Cooperation Framework.

                    On May 5th, the company took the lead and initiated the establishment of Dongguan Asset Management Co., Ltd. together with five local strength companies.

                    On June 27, the company's representatives went to Zhuhai to participate in the 3rd China-Israel Science and Technology Innovation Investment Conference and signed on behalf of Dongguan City to initiate the China-Israel Innovation Fund Initiative.

                  • 2016

                    On January 11th, the company completed the formalities for the change of the business registration. The original Dongguan Dongguan Finance Development Co., Ltd.

                    was renamed as Dongguan Financial Holdings Group Co., Ltd. On March 25, the company held an unveiling ceremony.

                    On December 29, the company completed the formalities for the change of the industrial and commercial registration, successfully completed the 30% equity return of Dongguan Trust, and completed the goal of consolidating the 15.4% stake in Dongguan Securities of Dongguan Jinxin Development Co., Ltd. into our company.

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